AikenStandard Run

Todd Featured in his hometown new paper, The Aiken Standard.

When Todd Tyler realized music was not going to leave his life, he packed up and moved out to the city of music – Nashville, Tenn.  Now, almost 10 years later, his passion is still going strong.  The Wagener native plays several different instruments, owns a studio within Aiken and writes his own songs. Last month, his career culminated with the release of his first EP “Run.” “It has been a year in the making,” Tyler said.

The week it debuted, the album ranked in the top 100 of iTunes’ country charts, according to a release.  It contains four songs, all written by Tyler.  “They were written over a year ago up to the week before,” Tyler revealed.  He was a teenager when he first started playing music, he said.Although Tyler had grown up around music, it was a scene in the 1985 sci-fi hit “Back to the Future” that got him to pick up the guitar.  In the scene, central character Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, zealously performed Chuck Berry’s classic “Johnny B. Goode.”  “After watching him play, I became of a fan of Chuck Berry,” Tyler recalled. “I had to have a guitar.”  Now he plays, not only the guitar, but the bass, the drums, the mandolin and the piano. He has written songs the whole time.

During his earlier years, Tyler would perform at Aiken Brewing Company, the Holly House and Five Points in Columbia.  After he graduated Aiken High School, he headed to Nashville.  “(There) you have no choice but to constantly (work on) your singing skills and hone your writing chops,” he said. “Still, there is a good sense of community.”

After about five years, he left the city and returned to Aiken for a short while.  He was then hired by a publishing company in Muscle Shoals, Ala. For a year, he wrote with them under the direction of Jimmy Nutt and Grammy-award winner Alan Schulman.  It was with that company that he got involved with the country scene.  Before that, Tyler worked with “heavy rock” and pop, he said.  After he left the publishing company, Tyler got to work on “Run.”

In his time as a musician, Tyler has written with fellow Aiken native Mike Stewart, rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame member Spooner Oldham and Steeldrivers band frontman Gary Nicholas.

On his latest project ‘Run,Tyler commands a spectral mix of songs that push the boundaries of modern country music.  Frantic Atlantic Music Group produced the CD.  It is available for purchase at online retailers Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay.

Tyler frequently returns home to see his family in Wagener.  Then he trucks back up to Nashville to work on his music.  The country singer is currently at work on a radio tour.  In his off-time, he has friends in Los Angeles that keep him busy; he makes songs for their shows, radio shows and podcasts.